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Day 14 Frugal Living Challenge: Urban Gardening

March 8, 2012

Gardening, as much as I love it, has been quite a challenge. We have a VERY small backyard and are novices still in planning and knowing what to plant where. We are getting better at it however, and each year we see more successes than failures.

Frugally Sustainable has a fantastic post written by Mike Lieberman, the publisher of He shares his advice on how to start your urban garden, as well as tips on how to keep it simple and cost-effective.

I think a mistake that is made, or rather the misconception about urban gardening that many people have is in thinking that they are being told that they can ‘do it all’ with their tiny space. That was my mistake as well. Many can’t do it all- have veggies, herbs and whatnot to support yourself completely throughout the year. As with anything, there are a few exceptions- I read Root Simple and Cold Antler Farm. But everyone CAN do something. Even if it is just one container on your apartment balcony, that is SOMETHING.

Daily Goal: Head over to The Urban Organic Gardener and start learning how your dreams of growing your own produce can become a reality. Then share with us your gardening goals for 2012.

Me: As I said before, we are getting better at using the space we have and knowing what works best for us. This year, we are keeping the veggies simple with cucumbers and tomatoes. Last year’s drought really kicked out butts! Herbs are getting more of a focus, since they were the main survivors of the previous year’s extreme weather. Now that we have some experience living with our garden, we also know what we are going to use the most. It sure is hard to tend to something in 103 degree heat when you don’t really like it anyway!

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