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Day 6 Frugal Living Challenge: Frugality, Health & Happiness

February 17, 2012

Photo by Lian Yuen

The first week of the Frugal Living Challenge is almost complete! Woohooo! Writing one post per day (yesterday two) and completing my goals is really satisfying. I think that is amazingly appropriate for today’s topic: finding balance in your life with frugality, your health and happiness. Nothing truly matters if you don’t have your health and happiness, and they are all interconnected.

Andrea’s sixth post in the Frugal Living Challenge series begins with a quote by Anne Frank that is worth sharing here:

“I don’t have much in the way of money or worldly possessions, I’m not beautiful, intelligent or clever, but I’m happy, and I intend to stay that way! I was born happy, I love people, I have a trusting nature, and I’d like everyone else to be happy too. ”

While I don’t believe that any young lady or woman should EVER think herself as ‘not beautiful, intelligent or clever’, Anne’s pure spirit points out one thing we should always hold in our hearts: That is we are born to be happy, and it is right for us to want others to be happy, too. For today, Andrea gives us examples of how to balance a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul.

Healthy Mind

  1. De-stress
  2. Positive thinking
  3. Engage your creativity

Healthy Body

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Eat a healthy diet
  3. Get some exercise

Healthy Soul

  1. Nurture intimate relationships
  2. Practice Gratitude
  3. Meditation

Daily Goal: How has your health and happiness effected your ability to live frugally? Take charge of your mind, body, and soul today!

Me: I have reached the opinion that many of us have lost our sense of when it is good to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to different parts of our lives. There is such a push to say ‘yes’ to stuff- when most of it is garbage– and we should really be saying ‘no’. For the last two or three years, I have been taking charge of my balance of mind/body/spirit. I have been working on my ‘yes/no’ sense. That is so hard for someone like me who grew up being taught to try to please everyone.

To care for my mind: I began taking prerequesites to pursue a Nursing degree. I finished a year, and am now waiting to get into a program. Although my grades and test scores are great, it’s proving highly competitive to get in. SO, while I wait, I am working on re-certification as a Pharmacy Tech. (Okay, I let the Cert lapse because after I recieved my BA I thought I’d never use it again… never assume, right?) Eduation will be a continuous thing in our home. We can never learn too much. Keeping an active mind has allowed for less stress and opened the door to creativity. Creativity has never been a problem for me, anyway. Signed, Craft Nerd.

To care for my body: This is a tough one. Although I focus on a healthy diet and exercise as much as I can, it will always be an uphill battle. Yes, in the last four and a half years I have lost 50 pounds and only have 15 more to go to get into my ideal weight range. Paleo has been great for me- I have noticed a marked increase in my energy level and that has in turn helped me to be more mentally focused. But I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most days really are GOOD days, but only due to heavy-duty biological medication. This means that as much as I love natural everything, I have to take something that turns ME into a GMO. Sigh…. the irony.

To care for my soul: In the last few years I have found the right path for my spiritual wellbeing. It has been an amazing, uplifting, joyful experience! I know I am a stronger, more productive person because of it, and most of all I am happier. I know this can be the most challenging aspect of balancing our lives as it is an intangible thing- we can’t measure spirituality like we can calories or track it like we do our spending. We feel it. I am happy! And like Anne Frank, I’d like everyone else to be happy, too.

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  1. February 18, 2012 1:00 am

    I’m a “yes” girl myself. I HAVE to start saying NO. NO. NO. NO!

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