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Day 4 Frugal Living Challenge: Reducing Household Bills

February 15, 2012

Read Andrea’s post here.

This is a great post (a guest post by Stacy Myers) with awesome starter tips on how to cut your household expenses. Fortunately they are things that I have already begun to do on a regular basis. They are:

  • Buy in bulk
  • Use coupons
  • Use space heater
  • Open windows
  • Line dry your clothes
  • Consider getting rid or your telephone (land line)
  • Consider getting rid of cable
  • Turn out the lights when leaving a room
  • Cook from scratch
  • Use cash (envelope system)
  • DIY (anything from gifts to household cleaners to renovations)
  • Buy used (anything)
  • Cut your own hair (I actually did this for my daughter for the first time this week!!)
  • Pack your lunch (my husband has been doing this diligently for a while now and the savings each month is amazing- not to mention home-food is so much healthier)
  • Make homemade cleaners

Daily Goal: Pick ONE thing from this list that you can implement to start saving some extra cash and let us know in the comments and/or in the forum what you’re going to tackle.

Me: I would love to get rid of our satellite television and our land line. The savings between the two would be about $100 per month. We listen to NPR for news and a subscription to Netflix would keep me and the Munchkin happy as clams. (And we have a used Wii that could actually be put to use for this purpose, rather than sitting there idle.) The easy sell for my husband is the land line. He never uses it. The tough sell is the satellite. He REALLY loves his football. Like he loves it so much that he manages two Fantasy Football Leagues each season. During which I feel I should wear a shroud or something… I am a football widow…but I digress. The hard part is that it is seasonal. I could live with spending the money during football season for him to enjoy himself, but satellite service is usually a two-year contract. I’m trying to figure out a way that we can save that $100 each month (my God, that’s $1,200 per year! come on!) and keep Mr. Football happy. I know that if he can have his cake and eat it, too, he will be 100% on board for that substantial monthly savings.


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  1. February 15, 2012 10:34 pm

    Matt and I gave up the t.v. in August. We have internet and netflix. It’s hella cheaper. He’s agreed to go to his brother’s house for football games or I’ll go with him to a local pub. But it’s the strangest thing. Since we gave it up, Mr. HUGE football fan seems to have lost interest. It’s too much trouble to go out to watch the game and so he keeps up with the score online or calls his dad.
    So far, so good. But then again, he doesn’t manage TWO fantasy football teams. You might have me beat on that one. That would have been much harder to crack.

    • Holly permalink*
      February 15, 2012 11:43 pm

      Good on you guys for getting rid of tv service!! I hope I didn’t come across as a bitter football widow because the truth is that we do sometimes have fun together watching football. Mostly I do other things while the hubs and the munchkin watch the game. I would be fine with going to a pub to see the game, but that might be asking too much of the little one. To be fair again, he only managed ONE league this last season. I’m hoping that MAYBE this year he will be okay trying to listen to Texans games on the radio and keep up with his other players online. It’s not like we don’t have two computers and two smart phones with unlimited data.

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