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23 Day Frugal Challenge

February 10, 2012

I wasn’t lying when I said I would start posting again. I wasn’t lying when I said real life was happening, either! I’ll cut myself off at that and spare everyone the details of my personal life I’ll get to that eventually and it will probably make your jaw drop – at least for a second   and get to my blogging challenge that I have decided to undertake.

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I have discovered a blog and it’s woman that I LOVE – Frugally Sustainable. She has a 23 day Frugal Living Challenge that I will attempt this month. I KNOW you’re thinking anyone who writes a green/frugal/upcycling/whatever blog should be doing this anyway, but I think sometimes we get stuck in our habits and need something to freshen us up and try new things. It’s evolution, peeps. So in a moment I will be signing up to get this moving along. Each day that I follow the Challenge, I’ll provide a link and my thoughts and comments on the challenge and how I plan to do this. If you want to do it yourself, just sign up at Frugally Sustainable and go for it! I really like her advice and recipes- if I can do it…. you know the rest.

Let the frugality begin!

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