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More Canning than Blogging

July 6, 2011

Ok, so I know I swore up and down that the summer would bring a flurry of blogging activity. All I can say is that I got the “flurry of activity” part right. There has been much going on and unfortunately it hasn’t involved blogging. Sorry peeps.

There has been much canning and use of the dehydrator, as well as copious amounts of house cleaning. Having been busy with classes for the last two semesters, there was much of that pushed to the side. And it seems to have festered.  I’ve made quite a bit of pickles and mixed berry jam, but only the cucumbers have come from the garden. This horrible dry spell in Texas has limited the production of the plantings. I haven’t had near the amount of tomatoes that I had last year. Which is frustrating, because I felt like I had planted smarter, but the weather has foiled my plot (Get it? “Plot”…. oh, nevermind).

The Husband and I have tackled several home improvement projects. Mostly painting rooms, installing crown molding and as of this weekend, we put beadboard wainscoting in our upstairs bathroom. I have to say, the Husband has some skillz. Give a man a jigsaw and watch him blossom into a real Bob Vila. I am a lucky woman.I’m pretty wicked with a paint brush, but my forte seems to be scoring what we need from our local FreeCycle board. We haven’t had to buy two ceiling fans and today I picked up two window blinds that miraculously matched the ones we already have in the house. We had just two more windows to finish, and voila!  Done.

I’ve also been purging like a maniac. Between Craigslist, FreeCycle and Listia, I’ve moved  A LOT OF CRAP out of my house. It’s good crap, mind you. There have been many people blessed with my crap now. It’s a wonderful thing.

We are still hoping for a new addition to the family, but after ten months of trying, we are getting a bit frustrated. Our Munchkin was a surprise, so naturally we figured we would blink and magically have another one. I tend to think of it as maybe a Divine intervention, like maybe we aren’t supposed to have another kiddo. And then I think maybe it’s better- we won’t be contributing to overpopulation. The Husband, who is an Atheist, thinks more in biological terms. Either way, we still come back to really wanting another baby.

This fall will be a little different. I have finished all my prerequisites for nursing school, but I won’t be able to start a Nursing program until the Spring or next Fall semester. That’s a lot of time to kill while the Munchkin is in pre-school. I’m planning on working part-time during those months. In my previous life (before marriage and a kiddo) I was a Certified Pharmacy Tech. Of course, I let my certification expire a few years ago, but I’m going to take a 48 hour course and get re-certified so I can start working again. I’m looking forward to it- some time that I don’t have to play Mommy and some extra money coming into the house is a very good thing. A part-time position will be easier to work around if we get lucky in the baby department, too.

Life is good. Now, let’s make it interesting!

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