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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, to all my old readers that have hung in there with me and those I have yet to meet! I hope 2011 is happy, productive and fruitful for you all.

I’m restless lately. Classes have yet to start for the next semester, it’s 70 degrees out and there is a pressure canner in my house that is calling my name. The dead of winter doesn’t prove a very busy time if you are into canning. But I have figured out that chicken broth will be my first venture. We use a lot of it, and the freezer can’t handle any more. And I have my sights set on a small chest freezer for the garage. Buah ha ha! I am unstoppable!!

I have to admit that in the laundry area, I have failed worse than I feared. I still hang a few things out to dry in the hallway, but for the most part I have slung just about everything straight from the washer into the drier. Granted, I still make my own eco/ bank friendly detergent, but that’s about all I can brag about. This Mom and Student thing is crazier than I thought.

This week, after registering for classes and getting the Munchkin back into the school routine, I’ll be pulling out the rest of the dregs of the garden and sowing the lettuce seeds. There aren’t too many really cold nights in our future, so it is safe enough to get moving on those. I’m simplifying the garden this year- a busy class and Mommy schedule proved inhibitive of gardening in the measures needed. (Though I was blessed with a fall crop of nearly 12 pounds of tomatoes! They all went into some delish green tomato sauce.) I’m going to plant only what we use the most. No tinkering around with this and that. Even though the Seed Bank catalog came last week and I had momentary visions of producing some of the gorgeous oddities I saw there. Nope. Not gonna do it.

I’ve been tinkering with my Etsy shop, though. I still sew a few things here and there, but what I have been scratching the  craft itch with are book marks and magnets. Oh God- those are NOT productive or useful things at all!! But what I have been doing is taking the profit from those sales and donating it to Made By Survivors. It’s a wonderful organization, and I’m committed to making a monthly donation – big or small- so I can contribute to something larger than myself. So far, these have been my most popular items yet. Who knew? It feels good- at least I’m doing something.

Here’s to 2011, gardens, education, and anything that will improve the state of Humanity!

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  1. Emily Achenbaum Harris permalink
    January 4, 2011 1:15 am

    Happy New Year!

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