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And We’re Off!

September 6, 2010

School has started and we survived- no- did GREAT with our new schedule! School is agreeing with everyone in our home and so is a positive change.

In the  Garden:

Things in the garden have come to a complete halt with the end of summer. While it may not have been quite as abundant as I’d hoped, it was definitely a better season than last year. Pints of pickle relish and tomato sauce were at the top of the garden yummy list. Vines are ready to come down from the trellises, withered tomatoes to be pulled out and a layer of fall compost mixed in the soil. With less time to spend outdoors and the cooler months facing us, I’m thinking a simple crop of winter garlic will be a good choice. Planted within the month, it can be harvested in January. The bulbs should be smaller, but a slightly more intense flavor. The toes I had stuck in the ground in the spring produced six fabulous bulbs of garlic, which I dried and then chopped (God, it took forever!) and froze in baggies with olive oil just like I do with basil. Works great! After the winter garlic, it will be near time to plant lettuce. I’m thinking next spring I’ll try less variety in planting and just focus on the crops I know do well and are most easily maintained. Efficiency in the garden will have to be a priority with less time to monkey around.

Around the House:

Some of our green practices around the house have changed with our new lifestyle. There is less laundry on the line, but some -usually the load of whites- still makes it out there. I figure SOMETHING is better than NOTHING. I knew things would change, and I’m sad that the laundry was the first to get the ax. Time spent in the classroom is less time devoted to time consuming tasks at home. I have not been making my own butter for a while, and reduced the amount of homemade yogurt. But when you look at all the things we still do and can maintain without issue, the list of DO’s far outweighs the list of DON’T’s. I still make our laundry soap, we still have the rain barrel, still grow some food, recycle (without the curbside service), use natural cleaning products, geeze, I guess I could keep going.

Decisions, Decisions:

Along with going back to school and pursuing Nursing, we have decided to try and add another member to our family! Nothing to report yet- don’t worry- I’ll let the world know when we know something! But the decision has been made and prevention has ceased. Oh, boy, when we make changes, we do it in a big way! So the sewing room has been cleared out, the machine moved to the guest room, and what is left are the beginnings of a new nursery. FreeCycle and Craigslist have been great in producing free or inexpensive items to add to the room. I love it!

Sewing has slowed down considerably. I have not been working at the Market at all this summer, and with a school schedule, I doubt I’ll be there this fall. A terrible arthritis flare-up was the main player in deciding to not do the Market again. It was impossible to sew all week or set up when my body was barely working. Now the body is better (much better!) and school and the little one are the main consumers of my time. I miss the Market, but time in the class is better for me and my family.

So things are very different and we are adapting well. Hopefully I’ll have more exciting news in the near future!

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  1. littlehousesouthernprairie permalink
    October 12, 2010 5:50 pm

    So exciting! Wishing you the very best on all fronts, especially the baby one.

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