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I See London, I See France

May 10, 2010

I see Green Anthropology’s underpants!


Well, you shouldn’t be able to see them very well, because when I hang up the laundry, I’m careful to not advertise my brand. Just a personal thing, and not for the mental fortification of the neighborhood. Atlthough as you can see, the part of the yard I use for laundry is pretty well hidden and it would take some real nosing around to be able to see it!

I would really like to encourage those who are interested to try getting into the habit of line drying. I line dry about 80% of my weekly laundry- that excludes the bath towels, which my husband really wants fluffy. I swear there isn’t much of a difference. If the weather is rainy or freezing, of course practicality wins and score for the dryer. Yes, it is more effort to take the clothes out and hang them up. But I think there are more benefits to it, so it is well worth the effort. Sun bleaching is very effective, it is fast (some of the dish towels I hung with this load were dry by the time I had everything out, so down they came and were replaced with Munchkin’s socks) and it saves some cash each month. You can do this. I have a two-story home with the laundry upstairs and I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. If’ I can do this, anyone can do it! If you feel adventurous, try making your own laundry detergent.¬† It works in high efficiency machines, and you literally only spend pennies per load.

If you have been putting off trying the ol’ clothes line, spring and summer are the perfect time of year to start getting in the habit. If you want some great information about line drying, visit Project Laundry List. It’s a website dedicated to promoting the right to line dry. And for some entertainment, you can watch The Colbert Report’s expose’ on some really dirty laundry…Of course it’s hysterical, as only Stephen Colbert can be.

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