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This Week on the GA Homestead:4/25-4/30

April 30, 2010

In the Kitchen:

Nothing out of the ordinary brewing in the kitchen except the second batch of kombucha. This has been great and has replaced my massive consumption of coffee. Not that the kombucha is weird in anyway, its just that I’ve not had the need for consecutive batches before. I hope it’s not making me fat. It’s considered an over-all health tonic and I am consciously drinking more water everyday, but I just have this feeling that I’ve traded one vice for another. Someone please tell me my Spidy Senses are wrong on this!

In the Garden:

I am so pleased with this year’s garden! The lettuce I planted is coming out of our ears and the broccoli has been reasonably productive. The little tomatoes I planted (after the seedlings all FAILED) have tripled in size and several plants have mini-maters on them! Hornworms be warned: I have a nifty guillotine (scissors) ready with your name on it. The potatoes are threatening to be far more productive than I hoped. The bell and banana pepper plants are flowering and teasing me with dreams of roasted peppers soon to come. Beans, peas and cucumbers are all sprouted and ready to climb their way up the trellises.

The herb garden has become my pride and joy- relocating several things and improving the herby real estate has proved to be a smart move. With a bit more luck, I’ll have tons of chamomile and Echinacea to start my own herb teas. I’ve been able to dry a little chamomile already and the smell of it in the dehydrator is delicious!

I snuck some basil, rosemary and lavender into the front landscaped beds. It seems the front is supposed to be strictly decorative, according to the unwritten laws our Nazi-like VP of the HOA. Yeah well, screw that. Except for two gorgeous Knockout Roses and a white crepe myrtle, the front is becoming as productive as the back. And the aroma at the front door makes me hungry. Olfactory aesthetics are as important as visual, right?! I threw in some Lantana and Salvia for extra color and argument leverage, should the Landscape Nazi send me yet another one of those sweet notes in the mail…

Family and Health:

Recovering from an RA flare-up is a very slow process. The ‘roid rage that I’ve been on for nearly a month has finally diminished, about 7lbs +. I love/hate you, Prednisone. I loved the energy  and pain relief it gave me. Some of the exhaustion and pain are creeping back in to each day as I wait for Humira to reach its full potency. There is something that strikes me as slightly sadistic about jamming a needle in my abdomen every other week. Don’t get me wrong- I’m getting desensitized to it. AND I’m thankful for modern Western medicine and all the chemicals that make my daily life manageable. That statement makes me sound like an ingrate. I really AM thankful. It’s hard knowing I have to put such a foul chemical in my body, when all I want is to keep chemicals out. There is no natural/ homeopathic remedy that will aid me in healing the way Humira can. All I can do is take my medicine and augment it with proper nutrition, yoga and meditation.

East, meet West- you guys will get along fine!

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