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Back From Hiatus

April 21, 2010

Okay, so I realized I had not posted anything in a long time. Call it a hiatus. Leave of absence. Whatever. The last few weeks have really been focused on my getting better and leveling out the playing field between me and RA. Right now, I think the score is 1:1.

And there have been so many other things going on! So here’s the breakdown:

In the Garden:

Veggies are in full swing! I’m happy to say that nothing has been a big disappointment and I think it’s mostly due to the unusually mild temps we’ve had here in Houston. The only semi-loss we have had was the pomegranate tree- had to be lopped off at the base from the hard freezes we had this winter. But the root system seems to be fine, and it has sent up several bushy new shoots- now we have to wait several years before we have those lovely pomegranates again, but at least its alive. The shared garden space is working out great- I’ll take some pictures now that things are growing and get those posted in a couple of days.

In the Kitchen:

With the success in the garden, I’ve now been drying the tea herbs. It’s very nice to have my own herbs to blend with the green tea I get from the bulk bins at HEB. Herbal tea is also a good thing to incorporate into my onslaught of new drugs/supplements/remedies for RA.

The Family:

So I guess this preliminary announcement is in order: we are planning our second baby! No, I am not pregnant yet. Probably won’t be for the next six months, either. The slight delay is primarily for my recovery from this RA flare-up. The Rheumatologist has avoided Methotrexate  so to prevent any possible complications or loss of pregnancy. The other reason is to give me a head start in Nursing courses. More on that in a moment…. But the OB/ GYN is aware of our plans, the current medications I’m on,  and has doled out prenatals and folic acid…. So much coordination and planning for tiny little people!


I’m in the process of applying to several Colleges of Nursing here in Houston- they are a real bi**h to get into, and I will most likely start with some prerequisites at the community college down the road. You see, when I moved to Houston five years ago, Nursing was the plan. Well, a wedding, a house and a baby delayed that career path. So after A LOT of soul searching and hours of dialog with my husband, we have come to the conclusion that now is the best time to get those plans back in the works. And honey, I do make a stethoscope look good! I know it has nothing to do with Anthropology. But when was the last time you saw a job posting for an Anthropologist!? The Indiana Jones types are not in high demand these days… SO wish me luck on this career path, and I’ll keep you posted on which school I get in to.

Tune back in later- more to come!

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