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This Week Around the Homestead, March 15

March 16, 2010

Around the House:

Husband is away all week on business. So this means that Munchkin and I get to play! If I slack a bit on the laundry it’s okay, us girls don’t mind. We have plans for visiting family for a couple of days and that always makes the week go by faster while the man is away.

This weekend was the big Market that I’ve been talking about. I’m glad that I have using a canopy under my belt, but the Market was not profitable at all as productive as I’d hoped and needed it to be. I’m debating on being there this week- it was difficult to manage the extra equipment this weekend, mostly because of my arthritis flare up, and it was soooo damn windy. My decision will mostly be based on having someone available to watch the Munchkin while I work.

While I was working, the little one went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for the first time! She went with her Poppa and Lola, and they did the petting zoo and children’s carnival rides. She is a true Houstonian now- the Rodeo is an event Houston looks forward to, and she had Texas BBQ, rode a pony, and played will all sorts of animals. She told me she wants to be a cowgirl now.

We also had a garage sale this weekend. It was great to get rid of so much extra stuff and get some extra cash to boot. Pretty sure we will have another one in about a month or so. Too much unused stuff in my house makes me irritable I want to give it to someone who will put it to it’s purpose, reduce the need for new item production and keep crap out of landfills.

In the Garden:

Yesterday Munchkin and I spent nearly the entire day outside planting the seedlings we started a few weeks ago in the veggie garden and some new seeds along the trellis fence that our neighbor built for us to share. There is still a little more work to do before it is finished, but a very productive summer is on it’s way. I already have three respectable rows of leaf lettuce and broccoli growing should be able to harvest some in another week or two.

We splurged on a couple pots of herbs yesterday at the hardware store. I’m determined to have a tiny tea herb garden this year. I tried last year, but the location was all wrong, and the drought killed off what my poor planning didn’t. So mint and lemon balm are set and ready to go, and some chamomile seeds were sown as well. All have what I think is better realestate…location, location, location!

I’m surprised that I’m not hurting as badly as I thought I would after all the work we did yesterday. Doing that much work with my hands typically makes me as dexterous as if I were wearing boxing gloves. I can actually cross my own fingers in hopes of having beaten this flare up. (Speaking of boxing, hooray for Manny Paquiao on his victory this weekend! Clottey didn’t stand a chance!)

I also learned that the subdivision only has 30 more homes to build before the HOA is turned over to the residents. I’m guessing that could take about a year and a half, and wondering what that might mean for a couple of backyard hens…. don’t worry, I’m not holding my breath on this one.

In the Sewing Room:

Now that beefing up the craft business inventory is done for the time being, I’ve determined that I really want to make a few things for the Munchkin and myself. I have plans for a few summer tops and hats for her, and a shirtdress for myself. If I’m lucky, the dress will begin production this week. I have also promised a friend that I would make her an apron, so that will get moving this week as well.

In the Kitchen:

Nothing to report on here.


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  1. March 16, 2010 10:31 pm

    My herb garden is in a used whiskey barrel underneath some oleander (with a little sun filtering through). The oleander helps shade it from the worst of the heat, and I really only have to water it once every so often if there’s a drought to keep it alive. (now the hard freezes we had, that’s another matter. but my rosemary and oregano survived!)

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