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Surprise Super Bowl Guest

February 8, 2010

We have a surprise house guest.

Sunday morning our tiny clan decided to go for a quick walk and jaunt to the playground. We had no idea what was waiting for us on our way!

As we rounded a corner, we saw tied to the bushes in the play ground parking lot, a small dog. These were oleander bushes, folks- they are poisonous! This little Maltese mix was tied beneath them, shivering. It was wet and 42 degrees outside, people! This dog is smaller than our cat! We looked to see if anyone was near  to claim it, but the place was deserted. So I untied the poor thing, and we cut our walk short.

It went straight into a warm bath. One to get clean, two to warm it up. Then we offered her food and water, and popped open the portable crate we keep for our black lab. Warm bath, warm food and warm towels did wonders for this tiny dog-cicle.

We doubt there are owners looking for her since she was dumped there, and we already have two leads on good homes for her. One is a co-worker of my husband, the other is my mother.

Why would any one tie this to a tree?

She seems to be in good health, and we think she might be 3-5 years old. She has been content to sleep at my feet wherever I’ve been today, and does well in the crate. She is house broken, and loves to play with Munchkin.

Now this is the tricky part- Munchkin is NOT going to be happy when the puppy leaves. She has already figured out that “we can be her family”. And of course, since the fuzzball is small she is “just my size!”. Yeah, sorry kiddo, the hairball is not staying. Munchkin is really POed with me for not giving her a name.

But I do think Nola is a good name- in honor of the Super Bowl champions.

Go Saints!

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