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This Week Around the Homestead

January 14, 2010

This week has been a busy one around the homestead.

Work, work, work and get ready for another Market that is… rained out again! Our farmer’s market is becoming a wispy dream thanks to the crummy weather we have had the last six weeks or so. And as usual, there is hope for success next week.

On the family front:

The pace has been different: my husband has been out-of-town on business, so I’ve been a single mom all this week, until Saturday. It hasn’t been as heartbreaking and gut wrenching terrible as I thought it might be, just different. The Munchkin and I have done our best to hold our heads up and not miss Daddy too much. That is the hard part. Keeping busy has been distraction enough to keep the heartache at bay for the most part. We have a lot of love in our home and a great family dynamic that makes us very proud.

On the gardening front:

There are tomato and jalapeño pepper seeds that have been started indoors this week in old egg cartons. They are ready for germination and will spend about six to eight weeks indoors before they are planted in the big-girl garden outside. There is a mystery mix and some purple heirlooms as well, so we will see what we get from that. The suspense is killing me! As the seedlings grow indoors, they will be treated to their very own fluorescent bulb and a small fan to simulate the natural breeze- this is advice from one of my homesteading gurus. This fan treatment will help them be sturdier and hold up better against the wind. Very much needed for anything we have in our yard, as we have no shelter created by trees. We are totally exposed.

starting tomato & jalapeno seeds

Hugemongus load of dirt should be here one day next week, as well as timbers to finish the framing for the new beds. I really can’t wait for this to be done!

My husband has quite ambitiously set out to build planter boxes for our back patio! The frame for one is finished in out garage and looks pretty good. They will be the full length of a fence picket (about six feet?) long and about a foot wide. I’m thinking this will provide the perfect place to re-establish my herb garden that was washed out last spring. I think we will have three or four of these planter boxes, and I’m excited  to fill them. Let’s hope I can practice some restraint when ordering from the seed catalog!

In the kitchen:

There will be plenty of time tomorrow after working in the nursery ( baby nursery, not plant nursery) to submit my January entry in the CanJam. This month’s recipe is Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade. Full recipe and instructions with photos to follow!

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  1. Chris permalink
    January 15, 2010 8:55 pm

    There is always something so comforting and hopeful about hearing when people start preparing for the upcoming gardening season. I love this seed starting ritual this time of the year, and while people may think I am from another planet for saying this, watching seeds germinate is ultimately more exciting than the “Super Bowl.” Not that the S.B. ritual is not fun, just different on another level.

    Loved the fact that you used recycled egg cartons for this. I have been using pint milk containers saved through the year. Reason being, once the plants establish there is not as much shock in transplanting, and they can stay longer in the larger containers while developing larger root systems. Of course, this does not work so well when you are starting lots of seedlings.

    Happy Gardening!

    • greenanthropology permalink*
      January 16, 2010 12:24 am

      I’d rather watch the seeds germinate! Not that I don’t enjoy the comraderie of Super Bowl parties, and like any responsible Texas woman, I enjoy beer, BUT….its just football.

      At least you gave your milk containers a second life! The egg cartons seem to work well, and one of my daughter’s old medicine droppers seems to work well for watering. It keeps me from drowning the little boogers.


      • January 16, 2010 1:20 am

        Hmmm. I wonder if that’s what I did wrong last year. I bought the growing cups that you tear apart and plant – didn’t use egg cartons (can you do that with the cardboard cartons?). I think I must have drowned them. I sure didn’t use a dropper to water them. They mostly sprouted, then promply died a couple of weeks later. 😦 I had to throw them ALL out! Such a waste. Now, I do have a self-admitted rotten thumb. Could have just been that. Anyway, I’m kind of traumatized from last year. Scared to try again from seeds…

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