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Oh Boy, It’s COLD!

January 8, 2010

Oh man, it’s cold out there! We aren’t used to these temps here in Houston. It’s almost lunch time, and it has barely creeped up to 30 degrees. Have I mentioned that it’s cold!?

The fireplace has been going all morning, and it probably won’t be shut off at all today. That’s okay- I have a batch of yogurt cooking in front of the fire. No need for insulated coolers or heat wraps on this batch. Is that weird enough for you?

I’m still keeping my fingers crossed on a lead for some canning jars this weekend. I have to get my stuff together for the CanJam! Citrus inspiration, where are you?

The garden looks no worse for the wear after these freezing temperatures, mostly because there is nothing in it. My days are speckled with daydreams of seeds, planting and germination. Spring, I’m ready! Go ahead and hit me with your scorching, triple-digit temps!

Ugh. It’s cold.

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