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New Year, New Goals

December 30, 2009

As frustrated as I was in my last post, I’m hopeful today.

Nothing has changed but my perspective.

winter yogurt method

So, with yogurt making on the counter top (tucked in a small cooler with a heat pack), cabbage salted for sauerkraut, and a clean kitchen, I’m feeling a bit better. Not that yogurt or sauerkraut will make the mortgage payment, but you know…

prepped cabbage

I’ve been slowly digging through closets, drawers and other various crannies in our house, getting ready for a series of garage sales to purge our house of all the crap we don’t need. Stuff like old hats, ugly Christmas sweatshirts from 12 years ago and the petticoat from my Debutante ball gown (yes, I did the Deb thing- now I play with dirt and ferment cabbage…) are all slated for the purge pile. We have way too much stuff that just sits there, unused and taking up space. The most difficult things to get rid of will be about 50 square feet of bricks left over from the construction of our house and 3/4 pallet of flagstone from a landscaping project. I imagine plenty of people will want it, but I’m wondering how many will actually be able to haul it off at one time. Craigslist is going to be my best bet, I suppose. I just want it out of my garage so we can get to work on turning the space into a workshop for my husband. I have my space for sewing upstairs- he deserves his manspace to mangle wood or whatever else he gets his hands on.

So today is a winter day: fermenting, cleaning and washing. Although nothing is getting hung out today. The ‘dryer’ is wet, and it is just too cold out to get stuff dry. Time for the HE backup.

fandangled machine got wet

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