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Dashing Through the Snow!

December 6, 2009

Let me preface everything with this statement: I live in Houston, Texas. The heat, humidity and monster mosquito capital of the world. Our ‘cold’ is defined by air conditioning, side by side freezers and beer from ice chests in the summer.

It SNOWED on Friday. Not just a flurry of random frozen moisture, but snowed real, huge fluffy flakes that stuck in my hair and embellished my red wool coat! It collected on cars, branches and fences. It had really picked up momentum by lunch time, when Munchkin and I were leaving the day care where I work every other Friday. She was thrilled. Munchkin ran down the sidewalks and twirled in circles as if she could make it swirl faster in the air.

The ride home was quiet in our car, while other drivers seemed frantic to reach their destinations before they were snowed in. I wondered for a second if there were any mooks trying desperately to find tire chains… Nothing like the rare treat of snow in Htown to send people into a stupefying panic.

It was fun and exciting- it really is a rare treat to see snow here. And, by midafternoon, it had all melted into a wet sloppy mess that prevented our Farmer’s and Crafts Market from going on as usual. Not that I really minded- I had no desire to stand in the wet grass while it was 38 degrees outside. But dammit, I worked really hard to produce some new items for this week. Ah, well, guess it’s next week then.

It helped to get our homestead into the holiday mood. Our tree is up and lit, wreath on the door and bells jingle on the knob. The  gas fireplace is lit early each morning and again after dinner time in the evening. Gift giving is simple this year. It’s mostly about the little one, and husband and I agreed to gift each other with new business cards for our promotional products business, ProSource. We are happy to receive the things we need this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a white 10 X 10 portable canopy will be under the tree for Rainy Day Designs. More visibility means more traffic, which means more sales.

The Green Anthropology Homestead must admit a defeat: we returned the LED tree lights we purchased. They worked fine, we just did not like the way they looked. We wanted desperately to take a step in the right direction to green our holidays, but not at the price of being disgusted by our Christmas tree every time we look at it. So we are looking at it this way: we saved $20, and are repurposing something that was otherwise unwanted.

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  1. littlehousesouthernprairie permalink
    December 22, 2009 8:43 pm

    i am so jealous i missed this!

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