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September 8, 2009
Mystery Veggie Bed

Mystery Veggie Bed

I finally figured out( I think)  what has been mysteriously running wild in the new corner garden- it’s zucchini, or at least some sort of green summer squash. Makes sense- there were plenty of zucchini tidbits ( and a few whole) thrown into the compost bin over the last two years. I am very excited about it- there is going to be a ton of zucchini/summer squash- for salad, spaghetti sauces, bread and maybe a casserole. And enough for the neighbors. And probably enough for offering to the owner of the farmer’s market. Seriously, this is a lot of zucchini, people.

Multiply this by about 40

Multiply this by about 40

The Farmer’s Market was a success again this weekend. So much so that I have now decided to work every weekend, as opposed to every other weekend. So busy busy sewing and knitting! It is good to be participating in the local economy. What I make at the market is enough to provide my family with produce purchased at the market for a week, and enough left over to provide a bit of extra entertainment – such as this weekend.

A feathered resident of BSP

A feathered resident of BSP

For Labor Day (really just for any weekend) we drove out to Bastrop State Park. So beautiful there! The weather was cool enough to make it pleasant, and there were no mosquitoes- amazing. We spent the afternoon meandering through trails, listening to the sounds of nature,  and catching glimpses of feathered residents. We packed a backpack with necessities, water and food on me, and husband carried the Munchkin in the Deuter pack. She loves riding in the pack. There must be something about riding way up high, in the branches of trees sometimes, and being able to look down and all around from a new perspective.

It was a good weekend. And in the land of kombucha scoby, things are progressing nicely. The scoby is covering the entire surface now, and just shy of 1/8 ” thick. It needs another week or two before brew time. Good things are worth waiting for!

Kombucha Mother

Kombucha Mother

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  1. littlehousesouthernprairie permalink
    September 15, 2009 7:13 pm

    awesome!! i am going to plant a little next year. or at least try to keep it at a “little.”

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