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First Forray in Urban Foraging

September 2, 2009

I had my first venture in urban foraging today. It was successful, but it still felt a bit weird. I knew there was about a mile and a half section of a mildly busy street that had great hibiscus plants down both sides. A drug store provided close parking, and a side walk made it accessible. But I never see any one walking there! I wanted some hibiscus flowers, which are edible, for making tea and herbal infusions, so I figured this spot is primo pickin’s.

I guess I felt so self conscious about it because 1: I never see anyone walk there even though there are sidewalks and 2: you aren’t ‘supposed’ to pick the flowers. Oh, and it is a busy street and I was there during rush hour. But what will happen to those flowers if no one picks them? Nothing- they wither and fall off. Better to put a few of them to use!

Now that I have finished justifying my foraging, the giant blossoms are cleaned and out to dry for tea. And I am satisfied- I will do it again!

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