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Kombucha, Here I Come

September 1, 2009

On top of today being a great day- temperature was less than 100 degrees, spent QT with some family, made butter, yogurt and went to the grocery- I started my first kombucha scoby!

I am so excited to start my own home brew of this wonderful, mellow- tangy beverage. I’ve read quite a bit about it’s supposed health benefits, but I just LIKE the stuff. To be able to continue to brew my own drink from here on out for only $3.50 start up is great.I finally have the courage to do this on my own.

The scoby should be ready to use in brewing in a couple of weeks. I’ll be sure to photodocument the growth of my scoby. Very exciting stuff- like watching grass grow. Or snails crawling. Hold your breath, folks… 1…2…3…

Tomorrow will be just as productive- blueberry jam, harvesting more basil and rosemary. I have everything I need for my farmer’s market Saturday, so Friday will be slated for bread baking and getting all my gear ready to go. And tomorrow is Library Day for the Munchkin and me. She loves having several new books every week. Take your kids to the library, folks- you will never regret it!

I think I have watermelons and squash growing in the new veggie bed- prolifically and accidentally. My question now is: Do I leave them? Will watermelons and squash have enough time to produce anything in Texas this time of year? Common sense says ‘no’, but it always seems like we can bend the rules in this climate. I mean, c’mon- I remember Christmases that we wore shorts. And it snowed for one day last December, so that means our odds of getting a few flakes again won’t increase for oh, I don’t know- another ten years.

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