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Beauty Despite the Drought

August 6, 2009


For the last week I’ve wanted to photograph the life around the Green Anthropology Homestead. The drought has been terrible- BUT- there is growth here. It is a subtle reminder that life, no matter how adverse, goes on and life is beautiful.

The roses are bouncing back, and well, it’s hard to kill lantana. The zinnias are at their end- they did well despite the lack of rain.



The blueberry/ strawberry yogurt that has become my norm is so pretty when it is ready to go into the fridge. I don’t think the photos do it justice, but okay I know it’s just yogurt.



The last of the compost was turned into the new bed this morning. I think I’ve  made up my mind on planting garlic, as well as transplanting the basil and squash. There will be room for something else, but what, I have no idea yet.

blueberry/strawberry yogurt

blueberry/strawberry yogurt

I have a couple of fingerling potatoes that have sprouted, and they are destined for the new bed as well.

I have been looking into what candle making entails– hurricane season has well arrived and since Hurricane Ike slapped the crap out of us last year, I have had a new sense of urgency spring up. We have three LED crank flashlights and a crank emergency radio, a new tank of propane for the grill, and a couple of gallons of water in the garage. If we were to have another year like the last, we have to be prepared for a time span of three days to three weeks without power, water or communication. Ugh, feels like preparing for the end of the world. Bleh. But I digress- the original topic was candles- and I’m thinking a few of some natural beeswax candles will probably be a good thing to have around. I have about a half pound of wax, and any old thing will do to hold the wax, I just have to purchase some wicks for the inventory.

This makes me think that the upcoming post will be all about hurricane preparedness. Goody goody. Sounds like a big ol’ camping trip, don’t it folks?

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  1. littlehousesouthernprairie permalink
    August 8, 2009 10:34 pm

    Oooh, the yogurt looks awesome!

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