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The Winds of Change

August 5, 2009

You can never go long in life without something changing, and it looks like things are about to change here at the Green Anthropology Homestead. While things are still in the negotiation process, it is most likely that I will begin working in the next few weeks- as a nanny.

It is the most beautiful arrangement that I could hope for, and I believe that it is just as wonderful for the family I will be helping.  While coordinating their childrens’ schedules and making sure every one is where they need to be, I will be able to keep my little one with me as well. I feel very lucky to have found someone open to that idea- how many employers allow children to come with us to work?

Like I said, we are still working out the details, so I can’t say much more than this about it. But I’m thrilled that I could find something that I love, let’s me keep my child with me, is close to home and is simple. This kind of position does not complicate anything- in fact it will do nothing but enhance our lives in many ways.

Hope the best for us and that the details will soon be arranged!

On the homestead front, things are regulating themselves and the new changes are becoming easier to incorporate. Yesterday was filled with yogurt, butter and laundry on the line, and added was finally finding the right bread recipe for us. I doubt that it will eliminate my husband’s desire for store bought sandwich bread, but I think with the addition of home made bread, we will cut back on the quantity we purchase. The best part of it- it’s a bulk recipe, so I will only have to make (as in mixing the ingredients) bread twice a month. The dough can be kept in the refrigerator for two weeks, and I can portion  and shape it before storing. Last night’s dinner was great with a side of warm bread with a bit of home made butter on it!

This morning while it’s still ‘cool’, I’ll be outside shoveling our compost and a bit of left over sand into our new back  bed. The hard part about it is deciding what to plant there. I have some fingerling potato starts sprouting in a container, but I’m afraid that the soil might still have too much clay in it. This bed may have to rest fallow until spring or I will need to add soil to it. I hate to waste the space- it can be producing for us this fall and winter. Time to go fall seed shopping!

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