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Catching Up

June 22, 2009

It’s been a while since the last post- things have been busy around the budding homestead. My small sewing business, Rainy Day Designs is starting to pick up momentum. I’ve started sewing for Project Linus, a non-profit organization that distributes hand made blankets to children who have suffered serious illness or trauma. You can visit my shop at to check it out, or visit to check out the organization.

I’m in the thick of trying to find employment, just like many stay at home moms right now. Self sufficiency around the home and a tiny business just doesn’t pay the bills in this economy. It gets discouraging- applying to so many jobs every day, and not much turning up. Ugh .My two year old daughter announced at my sister-in-law’s house this weekend that she was working on her resume…

The garden has taken quite a hit this summer. It has been well over two months without rain, and little hope for any in the coming weeks. Our neighbor’s teenage son decided to try his hand at graffiti- on our fence. So they were kind enough to fix the fence; making it better than before (the design is more conducive to growing vine veggies) but the garden as it was took a beating from the construction.  There were however, a few small carrots and beets that we made a small feast of, and the tomatoes are hanging in there. The peas are finished this year, and were a respectable crop. I think they should be planted a few weeks earlier next year. I’m hoping for some squash and tomatoes this year, as well as the variety of herbs that are still there. Next year should bring more of the same, with strawberries and blackberries, green beans, asparagus, peppers and who knows what else!

July will be a trying month; mother is having surgery and will require several weeks of assistance while she recovers. My husband will be business traveling most of the month as well. So the kiddo and I will be nursing mom back to full strength while he works his east coast circuit. Thankfully there is family that will be coming in town to help with mom, so things won’t be as exhausting as they could be if I were alone. That’s what family is for!

Even though the last few weeks have been trying and the upcoming weeks will be more of the same, today has been a productive homestead kind of day. Submitted my resume to a few job postings, tended what is left of the garden, tended the flowers, made soap and two different kinds of yogurt. The little one was generous and took a nap after lunch, which allowed me to take care of some sewing that needed to be done.

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