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Sooo Cheesy

March 27, 2009

So as I said earlier, I would try making cheese, and that is what I did yesterday. A simple recipe for farmer or farmer’s cheese, it is similar to mozzarella, just not stretchy. I flavored it with ground black pepper and finely chopped rosemary from the garden- delicious! It reminded me of the vacation my husband and I took to San Francisco and Sonoma, California- we went to a farmer’s market and bought bread, cheese and strawberries then headed to a friend’s winery. Very yummy and very romantic. But back to the cheese….

To me, it’s worth making the cheese at home. The little that we consume in our house, I feel the effort improves the quality of what we do eat. There is not much difference in the cost of the amount of milk I purchased to make the cheese from the cost of a pack of pre-sliced cheese from the supermarket, and the quantity was roughly the same as well. Sorry no picture of the lovely stuff, we dug into it before I remembered to snap a photo.

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  1. March 30, 2009 2:35 pm

    Flavoring it with black pepper and rosemary would be delectable! Did you take a class or just try a recipe? A great way to preserve your bulk cheese is with a cheese wax.

  2. greenanthropology permalink*
    April 5, 2009 1:45 am

    I just tried a recipe. It sounded simple enough, and I did not want to get into anything so complicated as aged cheese.

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