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Two Tidbits from Around the Homestead

March 24, 2009
Churned Butter

Churned Butter

This week I have decided to try making butter and cheese. Yesterday I made the butter, but I’m not sure it’s any great value in time or money savings. I bought a pint of organic heavy cream for $2.69, and it made beautiful butter in about twenty minutes. I suppose this is a good thing simply for the virtue of making something yourself. The cost for what you get may make you appreciate it more, and use it less often- another good thing if you are too liberal with your use of butter. I’m still trying to decide if I’ll try it again. I’m going to make the farmers cheese tomorrow, so more to come on that.

New pomagranate bud

New pomagranate bud

I am also very excited to have found the first bloom on the pomegranate tree! These red waxy buds turn into gorgeous flowers that eventually drop and what is left is a tiny pomegranate that will mature over the next month(s).

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