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Berry Picking Season is Coming!

March 22, 2009
Some canning supplies

Some canning supplies

I can’t wait for this year’s berry picking season! There will be strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. I found at least two farms that are within biking distance from the ol’ homestead in the makin’. I found these local farms by visiting We have decided to craigslist my road bike- it hasn’t kissed the pavement in at least two and a half years- and purchase a townie and toddler seat. These will be far more practical for me and the kiddo. So this spring we can hop on the bike for a nice little ride, play in the berry patches, and have a healthy snack along the way. Exercise and healthy food? What more can you ask for?

So it looks like I need to beef up my stash of canning supplies, because there is goin’ to be a whole lotta canning goin’ on! My husband is particularly excited at the idea of more blueberry jam- he looved it last year, and we went through it fairly quickly. The strawberry went almost as quickly, as well as the spiced peaches. Yummm.

The site also has fabulous canning and preserving instructions and recipes. It’s pretty much my go-to site for all my canning information.

So have fun this spring and get out in the berry patches!

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