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Let There Be Soap!

February 26, 2009

Along with my blustery wind of inspiration came home made soap! I used glycerin and beeswax to make the soap, and added oatmeal for exfoliation and patchouli essential oil for fragrance as well as a bit of cocoa butter. I really wanted to use the cold process method to make my soap, but on doing some research and reading about a few accidents that some people (or their children!) had with the lye or lye water that is involved in this process, I decided it was too dangerous for our home. I would never forgive myself if something happened to my daughter, like burns from a caustic substance such as lye.  So I found the best glycerin chunks I could get my hands on and used the melt and pour method. It is ridiculously easy.  It turned out fine as far as I can tell, I mean, it looks like soap and it smells like soap.

I’m pleased with it. Like canning, it is incredibly satisfying to have a great finished product that I have created myself. It has the benefit of knowing exactly what is in it (confidence booster) and there is no packaging to deal with. Right now it is a safe and easy method to use melt and pour. Maybe when we no longer have little ones about the house I’ll try the cold process method. And for now it looks like I just might be the soap maker of the house.

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