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Eco-Friendly Fabrics

June 25, 2008

Burlap potato sacks are the way to go…. not. Actually, some of the most luxurious fabrics are eco-friendly. My desire to live a little greener, and it’s impact on my wardrobe has had a few positive outcomes: It has significantly reduced my impulse purchases (which my husband loves), and the quality of the items I HAVE bought is significantly higher than before. I don’t have buyers remorse, either.  Wool, cashmere, linen, organic cotton, alpaca and silk are the greenest you can find.

A few hints on these fabrics:

1. Anything that says ‘100% cotton’ on the label is NOT organic cotton. The label will read ‘organic cotton’. Regular cotton is an environmental catastrophe- with chemicals and pesticides galore.

2. Wool can be a bit misleading sometimes, too- read the label to see if it has been chemically dyed or treated. If you aren’t sure, ask yourself if it is a natural color- if it is, chances are better that it hasn’t been chemically dyed.

3. Linen is similar to wool- and it looks better in natural tones, anyway. It is made from the flax plant, which is a seriously renewable plant and doesn’t normally need tons of pesticides to grow.  It’s one of my favorites- I live in a seriously hot and humid climate, and this fabric makes it a little more enjoyable to get around.

4. Make sure you are getting the best you can, and that the materials are not blended with another, most likely synthetic, material.

One of my favorite websites for shopping is; it has green designers and companies. I also like; not only do they have wonderful green clothes, but cool stuff for your home and gifts.

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