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So far, solar good…

June 14, 2008
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We have the solar device charger now, and I’ve had a chance to inspect it, and my phone is charging on it at the moment. So far, I’m impressed. The solar panels are in a clam-shell black case, no bigger than most PDAs. It came with every imaginable adapter/port end that you could imagine, so it will plug into anything. I guess I’ll give it a ‘thumbs up’ rating at the moment, and a more intense test will be coming later in the week- my husband is going to Lake Tahoe for a few days on business (poor guy, cough, cough), and no one is tougher on stuff than this guy. Especially while traveling.

The only possible problem that I could see happening is this: how do you keep the multiple ports organized if you have multiple devices that you keep with you everyday? I suppose it could take a bit of pre-planning on some days, depending on how much your routine varies. Or just how prepared you want to be. Really, I don’t mind being a geek, but I’m not so sure I want to step over the line and become the adapter-toting nerd. (Hmmm, tech culture is invading the suburban life a bit more.) I don’t think I’ll personally have that problem; I only carry a cell phone with me. And maybe I’m over-thinking this.

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